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Qrapa Social

Qrapa is a Q & A social media platform based on blockchain that offers content creators the possibility of monetizing their products in a conducive and transparent ecosystem and offers reward for user contribution.

Qrapa is Different

The Idea of Qrapa was born to reward content creators and content consumers whom have been neglected by the big guns.

Existing social media network gives users the impression that they are in full control of their data, however, it is actually those companies providing these services that have sole authority over a person’s information

With customizable ads and user preferences we seek to create a transformed user experience where the interests of the user come first.

Problems & Solutions offered by Qrapa

With Qrapa all your imagination comes true. Qrapa is a Q and A platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain network that seeks to transform social from a resource sink into a commercial ecosystem for value creation; By rewarding content creators and users for their time and contributions


Other Social Media Platforms
  • Control and misuse of user data.
  • Bad terms of service
  • Tracking of browsing habits


Qrapa decentralized platform.
  • True control to the user
  • Transparent terms of service
  • User determines if browsing habits should be tracked.


Other Social Media Platforms
  • No rewards for user contribution
  • No rewards for content creators
  • Spamming with unwanted and repetitive ads


Qrapa decentralized platform.
  • Users benefit from the commercial viability of the platform
  • Quality content does not go unrewarded
  • Customization of ads and user preferences.

Qrapa Tokens Details

Tokens for Sale


Soft Cap


Hard Cap


Tokens Distributed

Immediately after token sale has ended.
Private Sale Feb 21- Mar 21
50% Bonus $0.20/token
Pre Sale Mar 22- Apr 30
20% Bonus $0.20/token
Public Sale May 1- May 30
10% Bonus 0.20/token

Token Allocation and Distribution of proceeds

  • 30%Marketing and Sales
  • 60%Engineering and Product Development
  • 10%Operating and Administration
  • 10%Reserved
  • 23%Team
  • 5%Bounty
  • 2%Charity
  • 60%ICO

Whitepaper & other Docs

Here are links to our Whitepaper, One pager, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

The Platform


Based on Ethereum Blockchain

Qrapa platform that will be able to reward millions of content creators and consumers without any centralized intermediaries.


Reward for Participation

Ask questions, Follow a topic, Follow people, Search, Comment on answers, Engage in banter via comments and get rewarded for contribution



There would be no direct moderation from Qrapa developers or assigned moderators. All moderation would be done by code to ensure fairness and equity.



An opt-in advertising feature where Advertisers can pay to reach an engaged audience who have opted-in to receive an advert and are rewarded directly with QER.


Here is our road map

Q4 2015
The Idea
  • The Idea of QRAPA was conceived
Q1 2018
Domain Acquisition
  • QRAPA.io was purchased & registered
Q2 2018
Platform Development Initiated
  • Policy and Plans for the platform starts
Q2 2018
Team Assemble
  • Core team and advisors assembled from all around the globe.
Q4, 2018
Demo Platform Tested
  • Demo Platform put through the test
Q4, 2018
Preparation for ICO
  • ICO was chosen as the way to raise funds
Q4, 2018
  • White Paper was drafted
Q4, 2018
Partnership Search
  • Search for Partnerships needed to achieve project goals begins.
Q4, 2018
Project Announcement and Whitepaper publishing
  • Token sale website QRAPA.io was launched
  • White Paper published
Q1 JANUARY, 2018
Launch of Token Sale website
  • Token Sale Website Launched
  • White listing of prospective investors
Q1 MARCH, 2019
Token Sale
  • Token Sale begins...
Q2 MAY, 2019
End of Token Sale
  • End of Token Sale
  • Distribution of Tokens
JUNE, 2019
Alpha Launch, iOS and Android App
  • Alpha Launch, which includes iOS and Android App.
AUGUST, 2019
Beta Launch, Web, iOS and Android App
  • Beta Launch, which includes Web, iOS and Android App.
Beta (Internal Payment System)
  • Beta (Internal Payment System) launched
Official Launch of QRAPA Platform
  • The QRAPA Platform is fully developed and ready to give power back to the people.

Executive team

Qrapa’s team is a group of passionate individuals with multi-year experience in Social Media, technology and digital transformation sectors. At Qrapa we believe that a Transparent Social Media and thoughtful system design in blockchain can help to solve world’s most pressing challenges.

Johannes Oosthuizen
Chief Executive Officer
Luise Haar
ICO lead /Co-Founder
Jeff Powell
Chief Operating Officer
Joon-Ho Kim
Chief Technology Officer
Petro Rostyslav
Chief Financial Officer
Chen Lei Wang
Chief Marketing Officer
Igor Cherchesov
Legal Officer
Stanislav Usmanov
Product Manager
Rohan Sardana
Software Engineer
Charles Zheng
Blockchain Developer
Abel Bastien
Frontend /UI Developer
Helen Mensah
Head of Partnerships


Shen Pai
Board Advisor Marketing
Chang Tai
Financial Advisor
James Williams
ICO Advisor
Spencer Cook
ICO /Blockchain Advisor

Our Networks

Frequently asked questions

We know people have lots of questions and enquiries, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of FAQs for your convenience. But in case you don’t find your question here, send us an email.

The QER token is a ERC20 standardized token for use on the Qrapa platform and services, which includes Advertising fees, rewards etc.

A portion of the total QER supply will be made available via a token sale in order to fund the Qrapa platform's development and launch. To request a spot in the tokensale please join our white list now.

As with any grand opening, the QER Token Sale will offer discount as high as 50% to those that participated in private sale, 20% for pre sale and 10% for main sale.

We are implementing a "Know Your Customer" process to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards and avoid fraud. We require all QER Token sale participants buying more than $5k worth of tokens to submit their information via our online form. The information will then be processed and deleted afterwards, ensuring regulatory compliance. We are very cautious and careful about the security of your personal information, and will do all we can to comply with any applicable laws and regulations. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

The QER utility token is a ERC20 standardized token that will be available for purchase with ETH, BTC, LTC and other crypto currencies, if you're interested in the purchase of QER tokens and need assistance, please contact us.

Yes, QER will be available on as many exchanges as possible, allowing you to exchange QER tokens for other crypto currencies. We are working on listing on a decentralised exchange immediately after token sale, and a top 8 centralised exchange after that. We are also working on partnerships allowing us to directly exchange fiat currencies for QER on the Qrapa platform.

Qrapa is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Qrapa ICO is a worldwide ICO and it’s open to everyone, however national laws apply. It’s up to the investors to check locally whether or not they can buy tokens.

If you would like to become a part of our growing team, please join us by sending an email.

How to contact us?

We love to chat with our community, do not hesitate to contact us!